CITIA Roadmap for Conversational Interaction Technologies

As part of a strategic roadmapping action in the area of multimodal conversational interaction technologies, conducted through the ROCKIT project, CITIA has arrived at a set of five target research and innovation scenarios presented here.

During 2014 and 2015, CITIA has constructed a complete technology Roadmap that would enable these scenarios. The roadmapping process was carried out at European level, connecting Europe's strong R&D base with commercial and industrial players and policy makers. Over 200 stakeholders were consulted. The complete exercise is visualised through SharpCloud here.

CITIA has identified the creation of a Baselayer for multilingual speech technology as a key prerequisite for the implementation of its roadmap.

In consequence, CITIA has launched a call for action for the implementation of this Baselayer.

for Multilingual Speech Technology
for Multilingual Speech Technologyf
for Multilingual Speech Technology