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0034 943 246 240
Personal Bio

Ian manages all on-line and off-line communications at Forvo and has a background of working in digital media as a digital product manager for many years. He also looks after Forvo's relationships with partner companies, universities and institutions as well as the company's client-base and wider community. He cultivates client relationships and ensures effective service delivery to key accounts as well as identifying new business opportunities. Working in close conjunction with the software engineering team he contributes ideas to improve Forvo's website and apps and helps design and create new tools. A polyglot with a degree in languages, Ian has a vested interest in digital language learning applications, data, machine translation and voice recognition software.

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Pronouncing all the words in the world with Forvo
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Forvo is the largest on-line reference for word pronunciations in the world with a database of over 3.5 million words and phrases pronounced in over 325 languages – all created and maintained by native speakers. As well as a useful language learning tool, our database of pronunciations can aid machine learning and we would be happy to discuss how we are collaborating with universities and other companies in the language technology sector to help improve their systems.