Christophe Djaouani

Business Data
Personal Bio

Christophe joined SDL in 2018 following the acquisition of Donnelley Language Solutions, where he served as Senior Vice President, leading the language solutions arm of Donnelley Financial Solutions.

Since then Christophe has successfully led the integration of his teams, known as SDL Regulated Industries, providing expert multilingual communications solutions to the financial, legal, investor relations, and life sciences sectors and their sub-sectors.

He plays a pivotal role in driving sales and innovation strategy to enhance customer experience by building industry leading global services and solutions that deliver value to the customer. He is also focusing on transforming and simplifying our engagement model to better understand our customers and their needs.

Christophe began his career in the multilingual communications field in 1998 and first gained experience as a project manager for translation services in RR Donnelley’s New York office. In 2001 he took on his first production supervisor role for Europe and Asia in the company’s London office.

In 2005, he moved into a sales role before being appointed Global Sales Director in 2008. Christophe continued to take on more responsibility at RR Donnelley and was promoted to Vice President and Managing Director in 2010 adding diverse business units under his direction, including European Global Document Solutions.

In 2016, RR Donnelley spun off into three entities with Christophe taking the role of Senior Vice President and Managing Director to the newly created Donnelley Financial Solutions and was appointed to their Executive team.

Graduate from the University of Grenoble and then Miami, Christophe understands how to connect with customers internationally. He has a proven track record working with Fortune 500 clients and an in-depth knowledge of current trends across the industries and sub-sectors.