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George Giannakopoulos is the CTO of SciFY PNPC (www.scify.org) and a research fellow of the Software and Knowledge Engineering Lab of NCSR “Demokritos” (skel.iit.demokritos.gr). He holds a PhD on Artificial Intelligence and specializes in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Mining. He has more than 15 years of industrial experience as an IT consultant, software engineer and researcher. He has worked in a number of EU-funded projects including SYNC3 (synergetic content creation), OKKAM (unique identification of resources), NOMAD (large-scale mining), SemaGrow (distributed semantic querying on open linked data), CLARIN-EL (languare resources technology) and YourDataStories (open linked data) on topics such as summarization, large-scale linguistic services and pipelines, distributed semantic query processing, knowledge extraction and text analytics. He is the organizer of the MultiLing community, challenges and workshops on multilingual summarization (MultiLing 2011 Pilot, MultiLing 2013 at ACL 2013, MultiLing 2015 Special Session at SIGDIAL 2015).

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Summarization Across Languages, Media Types and Domains
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We will present a powerful summarization toolset and solution, based on novel, open source, natural language processing methods and tools, applicable over many languages and many sources. The presented solution, based on mature research results and a number of existing commercial use cases, allows: easy definition of a selected domain of interest; data crawling and fetching from a variety of sources; efficient parametric summarization over curated (news) texts and free, social media texts; automatic, customizable classification; real-time personalization of results. All these powerful tools are complemented by tailor-made, simple workflows, to maximize the simplicity and efficiency of the solution even for non-expert users.