Jose Manuel Gómez-Pérez

Business Data
Personal Bio

My work lies in the intersection of several areas of Artificial Intelligence, including Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Discovery, Representation and Reasoning. I am passionate about enabling machines to understand text in a way similar to how humans read, bridging the gap between both through semantically rich knowledge representations and user interfaces. At Expert System, I lead the R&D Lab in Madrid, formed by researchers, linguists and engineers, in the belief that such vision is best served through a combination of structured knowledge graphs and probabilistic approaches. I enjoy solving complex problems and collaborating in an international setting to generate high-tech innovation and business value. Before Expert System, I worked at Intelligent Software Components, one of the first European companies to deliver Semantic and Natural Language Processing solutions on the Web. I have consulted for companies like Coca-Cola, British Telecom, Volkswagen, HAVAS and ING, co-founded a startup and advised another. An ACM member and former Marie Curie fellow, I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and regularly publish in scientific conferences and journals. In 2015, I was the program chair of K-CAP, the Intl. Conference on Knowledge Capture. My views on AI and its applications have appeared in Nature and Scientific American.