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0034 91 332 4301
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General Manager of the Data & Analytics Division of s|ngular (formerly Daedalus). CEO of MeaningCloud LLC (USA), a s|ngular company. He holds a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM, Spain, 1989).  Founding partner of LT-Innovate, the Language Technology Industry Association (2012-). He was associate professor at the School of Telecommunication Engineering (UPM, 1985-2015) and visiting professor at the Department of Computer Science, Royal Holloway, University of London (UK, 2003-2011). Chairman of the Spanish Chapter of the Computer Society, IEEE (2002-2009). Acting as principal researcher and expert reviewer in EU-funded projects and programmes
since 1993.

Presentation title: 
Automatic Extraction of Rich Customer Profiles from their Activity in Social Networks
Presentation description: 
Knowing your current or potential customers is a significant activity for marketing departments in any industry. Finding their status and affinities, family and professional circumstances, lifestyle, or the topics they’re interested in, and clustering them into meaningful and actionable segments is part of this effort. s|ngular (previously Daedalus) and Audiense (previously SocialBro) started in 2015 a research initiative (SocialQuick) in the EU program Eureka to go deeper in the analysis of the content published by users in social media (their declared profiles and their conversations) to profile an audience according to demographic and psychographic attributes. The basis for this work are the text analytics capacities provided by the MeaningCloud (a branch of s|ngular) platform. The goal is the automatic extraction of customer insights: demographic characteristics (age, gender, location, family and professional situation), lifestyle, affinities with brands, topics they’re interested in, hobbies, supported causes… This information can be used for: - customer clustering, giving shape to archetypes representing each segment. - Identifying market perceptions: finding out affinities with different brands, and analyzing the market positioning of the different players. - Planning and monitoring of marketing campaigns. - Engaging with clients and activating promoters. The presentation will show early results of the SocialQuick research project.