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Gard Jenset holds a PhD in English and quantitative corpus linguistics. Before joining Artificial Solutions as a knowledge engineer he taught applied linguistics and quantitative skills in higher education. His current duties encompass text mining and data science for natural language.

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Data mining conversations – hot air or a scoop for business?
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People reveal a vast amount of information when using natural language, data that can be used to build business differentiation from the shop floor to the board room. There’s just one snag. Most data mining technology does little more than deliver a flat view of conversational text, not the sentiment and context behind it. This presentation discusses how Artificial Solutions has met this challenge and built a scalable tool that adds immediate value to enterprises by finding the hidden nuggets of gold within conversations. By singling out important concepts and presenting them in visual way, this text mining tool gives businesses the insight and evidence to better understand what their customers are really thinking and enables them to make strategic decisions based on fact, not intuition.