Stéphane Magnard

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+(34) 933 043 138
Personal Bio

Stéphane Magnard has an entrepreneurial background.

After a brief spell in the French banking sector with BNP Paribas, in 2001 he set out into the world of entrepreneurship, creating the Spanish subsidiary of the KLB GROUP operational consultancy, specialised in the implementation of projects. Throughout his professional career, Stéphane has created previously unexplored business divisions and successful companies in the UK and China.

With a pragmatic approach and a characteristic hands-on management, Stéphane acquired the language technology company, AT Language Solutions® (formerly AutomaticTrans) in 2015.

With combined expertise in linguistics and technology that makes the company unique in the market, AT Language Solutions® enables its end clients (B2B) to integrate languages into their business processes.