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Marek has been with KantanMT since its inception in 2013. He has progressed through the ranks to Software Development Manager, commanding Kantan’s a team of developers. Marek's team work on projects that vary from user experience design and site reliability, to developing software applications and working with Moses. He holds a BSc in Business Computing and Digital Media and a Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development. 

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Improving the Machine Translation Review Process with Translation Automation
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Translation and Localization Project Managers consistently search for ways to improve the translation process and speed up translation workflows. Adjusting workflows to include translation automation can have its pitfalls and most scenarios still include heavy manual intervention from Project Managers to control reviewed content and feedback information to the engineering team who are responsible for building and retraining MT engines. The future of translation productivity gains comes from a smooth automation process that incorporates review tools and comparative performance into the machine translation process. Project Managers are looking for solutions that will enable them view project results and using reviewer feedback, manage project timelines more effectively to reflect higher levels of quality and translation fidelity. This presentation covers the key elements of a fully automated process and how these can be improved in existing workflows, including a distributed workflow, standard or custom KPIs, customised MT test plans and real time tracking and data visualisation.