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Peter Pharow holds a diploma degree in cybernetics from Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He worked at the university hospitals in Magdeburg and Regensburg. After about two years with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, Germany, he joined the Fraunhofer-Institute for Digital Media Tech-nology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany. In 2010, Peter became head of the “Data Representation and Interfaces” research group. In 2014, he was appointed the head of the IDMT research department on “Human Centered Media Technologies (HMT). Due to his active involvement in EU projects, standardization activities, as well as conferences, Peter Pharow has an extensive experience in scientific topics such as the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Services”. Peter’s research focus is on data representation, interfacing, learning systems, and knowledge management but also on usability evaluation, health telematics, personal portable devices, security, privacy, and safety. Peter has been appointed as lecturer at the Ilmenau Technical University, and acted as working group chair and co-chair, resp. at the national German level (GMDS, BVMI), and European level (EFMI).