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Dominik Radziszowski is a Ph.D. in technical science and an IT expert specialising in distributed systems. CTO at XTRF Translation Management System, follower of agile methodologies and tools for effective management of IT projects. He provides leadership and management to the IT department in its mission to deliver systems and services that meet the demanding business needs of customers and users of XTRF Language Business Platform. Dominik is an author of many publications and holder of many industry certificates (including SCJP, SCJD, and SCEA) and former assistant professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland.

Presentation title: 
Changing integration paradigm with XTRF Smart Connectors
Presentation description: 
Integration of software systems has a long history of great successes and significant failures; as the technology changes dramatically over the time its basic challenges remain unchanged: delivery time, delivery cost and ever changing specifications. By saying ‘integration’ most of us traditionally think about APIs, plugins, modules as far as security aspects and corner cases handling. That is OK but definitely not enough. Today integration is more a business challenge than a technical one - technology advanced enough can connect anything to everything. Actually, the key success factor is to be flexible enough to reflect fast changing business requirements. To build solutions that brings high value to customer with almost no time and no cost. XTRF is a leading language business management platform (aka TMS). We help our users to provide highest quality translation services as far as automation of several internal daily operation processes. The translation project creation is one of such process, involving a customer’s PM and its clients repeatedly providing translation data using email, FTP or a shared folder. Most of project creation processes could be automated, PM time could be saved, QoS could increase - but - nobody will invest 1 month of dev work to save 8 hours of PM work monthly. Most of such cases are not similar enough to share the investment cost, no customer will wait months for such a feature to be developed. Traditional integration methods are simply far too expensive, complex and delivered to slowly. Can we do the integration better, faster and cheaper? – In XTRF we think we know the answer: Smart Connectors. XTRF Smart Connectors reduce amount of dev work spend on ntegration, enable fast delivery of easy to maintain, flexible integration solutions exploiting different communication channels. Smart Connectors enabled users to provide a working integration solution in minutes instead of weeks. In my talk I will share the experience and thoughts from development as far as show Smart Connectors in action.