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Coordinator of the MLI Multilingual Infrastructure Support Action, funded by EU under FP7. Market researcher specialised in identifying and developing commercial opportunities for research results. Wide experience in the formulation of Research and Innovation initiatives and the management of multicultural and interdisciplinary collaborative projects.

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Opportunities for LT in EU cross-border e-commerce
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Key results of the MLI report on cross-border e-commerce market study, including tips for practical exploitation of the LTiCloud. Challenges when selling cross-border to other EU countries, spanning from geo-blocking, VAT differences and other regulatory hurdles, along with barriers deeply rooted in national, cultural and language differences. For the former, there is already fierce fights in the political and legal arenas. But for the latter, the windows of opportunity for innovative players are only opening. The business case for LT vendors in the flagship industry of the Digital Single Market is there. We must go for it.