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After more than 20 ans in market research, Evert has worked on online matters for 10+ years. Before joining TNS Sofres, Evert developed and managed online panels for TNS Europe and Lightspeed Research. Evert recently worked on several projects and innovative proposals in Technology Enabled Research. He is part of Syntec Etudes’ steering committee for new data collection methods.

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What Text Analytics can do for Data Processing in Market Research Institutes
Presentation description: 
Open-ended questions have always been a tricky subject for market research institutes: they are costly and painful to analyse manually but they are an amazing source of rich and precise information on markets and customers. Modern text analytics tools make the best of this gold mine in a way basic statistical tools never achieved. However, they force market researchers to hand a part of the analysis over to software rather than directly to human intelligence. For that, they need tools and partners they can deeply trust. Régis Benichou, Head of Research at TNS Sofres, one of the biggest French market research institutes, will provide evidence that such a partnership between humans and software is possible. To do so, he will present one of the projects he has been leading in partnership with Proxem, a leading software company specialized in Text Analytics for Market Research, and the practical outcomes of this collaboration.