Andrzej Zydroń

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0044 1753 480 479
Personal Bio

CTO @ XTM International, Andrzej Zydroń is one of the leading IT experts on Localization and related Open Standards. Zydroń sits/has sat on the following Open Standard Technical Committees: 1. LISA OSCAR GMX 2. LISA OSCAR xml:tm 3. LISA OSCAR TBX 4. W3C ITS 5. OASIS XLIFF 6. OASIS Translation Web Services 7. OASIS DITA Translation 8. OASIS OAXAL 9. ETSI LIS. Zydroń has been responsible for the architecture of the essential word and character count GMX-V (Global Information Management Metrics eXchange) standard, as well as the revolutionary xml:tm standard which will change the way in which we view and use translation memory. Zydroń is also head of the OASIS OAXAL (Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization technical committee). Zydroń has worked in IT since 1976 and has been responsible for major successful projects at Xerox, SDL, Oxford University Press and Ford of Europe, DocZone and Lingo24.

Presentation title: 
Enabling concurrent real time translation of syndicated news articles
Presentation description: 
EurActiv required an updated solution that would allow real-time translation of news articles into multiple European languages and presented this at the LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels last year. As a result a consortium including Tilde, EurActiv and XTM was formed to look for EU funding for this project. Tilde will provide the machine translation back-end while XTM, the multi-award winning translation management system from XTM International will provide the required integrated translation and workflow environment.