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Making Technology Think

Teneo allows your customers to speak to applications, devices and web services in a natural, humanlike and intelligent way.

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At Artificial Solutions we Make Technology Think! We believe that people should be able to interact with technology intelligently. Using their language, their terminology, across whatever device or service they choose. Our technology uses a form of AI we refer to as Natural Language Interaction (NLI). Delivered through our Teneo platform, it allows non-specialists to rapidly develop enterprise strength, conversational applications that analyze, reason and react—just like a human.

What makes Teneo Different?

Teneo is the only unified natural language development and analytics platform that enables enterprises to build an intelligent, conversational AI solution that can be simultaneously surfaced across multiple channels, devices and languages, regardless of whether your customers are using voice, text, touch or gesture to communicate with you.

With Teneo, your brand is represented in a single, consistent style and tone of voice across every touch point; and as a scalable platform, you will be able to develop and maintain your solution to suit changing business needs. Teneo’s integrated analytics capabilities will also give you the tools to unlock, understand and act on real-life customer data to grow your business and achieve a competitive edge.

Teneo is different. Teneo is the only AI for Enterprise.


Build Conversational AI

Rapidly build multiple, artificially intelligent, conversational applications across any channel or device, including mobile personal assistants and website digital employees, to wearables, chatbots and IoT interfaces, in 35 languages – all from a single platform.

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Act On The Voice Of Your Customer

People reveal substantial amounts of data about their opinions, sentiments likes and dislikes when they communicate in a natural, conversational manner. Use Teneo’s actionable insight and advanced analytics tools and dashboards to effectively manage this goldmine of authentic “voice of the customer” intelligence.

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AI for Customer Engagement

Artificial intelligence is transforming traditional customer engagement models. Intelligent digital employees, chatbots, apps and more are being used by enterprises to streamline and improve services. Whether they are working on a service helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, their contribution is already being seen as critical to business success.

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