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Cedat 85 is the Italian number one group, both for range of services and size, specialised in processing speech content (automatic transcription, verbalisation, reporting, subtitling) and in developing ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and speaker recognition technologies.

The services Cedat 85 offers include a wide range of solutions: from verbalisation of board meeting documents to multimedia verbalisation (MAGNETOFONO), processing of speech to extract information and monitor audio/video files (+VOCE©), speech analytics for call center, speaker verification and diarisation, real time subtitling, online transcription, development of platforms for using multimedia archives, voice messaging (VOICENOTE), domotics (assisted living) and mobile applications (smartphone iOS and Android) with automatic transcription.

Cedat 85 works in both the private market and with the public administration and companies providing public services, and represents a point of reference for clients including leading national public institutions, key local organisations, universities and important private groups.