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Computer Aided E-learning offer the most advanced languages training solutions which uses an innovative “learningbydoing” methodology, which today integrates the latest trends in technology applied to training.

We draw on the know-how in e-learning courses for over 35 years based on our innovative technologies such as educational platforms and our high-quality training services. Since the start of activity in 1981, CAE has offered training solutions which use an innovative “learningbydoing” methodology, which today integrates thelatest trends in technology applied to training.

We are specialists in synchronized online/offline e-learning courses in language laboratories and in languages courses too: Spanish, French, German, English, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. Our multimedia language courses integrates the most innovative and advanced voice recognition system in the market and they also work well without Internet connection through our Apps designed for multiple devices working synchronously.

DexwayCAE’s division specialised in language learning, has not stopped growing, being a revolutionary and successful method. Every day it receives a multitude of collaboration proposals for developing and distributing the different lines which this product offers.