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Translation automation flow for such CMS like Adobe CQ(AEM), EpiServer, Sitecore and many others. For translation agencies, easy integration with any customer’s content system. No development costs.
iLangl GCP integrates CMSs and CAT/TMS tools, alows to reduce the amount of manual work via automation of all integration tasks between a Customer and a Translation Agency (TA). The cost of translation and localization is dramatically decreased with iLangL GCP. Integration is not painful anymore. For TAs: Be a part of future. Integrate with any customer’s system, bring additional value to customer, get more translations. Benefits: Reduce time and cost of integrating with customer’s CMS, be able to get more customers and sell more translations, improve quality of translation flow, reduce development costs for API integration support. For Enterprises: Speed up translation flow, increase quality and productivity. Turn on continuous localization. License cost per month SME 300EUR, Enterprise 1300 - 2500 EUR, Translation agency ~ 1300 - 2500 EUR.