Innoradiant is a start-up based in Grenoble, more specifically in the “Inovallée” area. Its mission is to help companies in the B2C segment to conceive, design and deliver products which fit future user s’ needs, desiderata and emotional aspirations. This goal is achieved in a completely non-intrusive way by performing semantic analysis of social media, with special attention to forums and blogs.

The services provided by Innoradiant are based on the VoU (Voice of User) platform which is accessible both in Web Service and Software as a Service modalities. Internally VoU is built on a technology stack whose main particularity is to ally symbolic and statistical semantic analysis techniques. On the symbolic side the core analysis level is based on graph transformation rules applying over dependency grammar representations. On the statistical side the company has adopted a uniform approach making use of Neural Networks both for classification and Word Embedding induction tasks.

Innoradiant has a strong focus towards research and innovation. Its research engineers have published (individually or jointly)  100+ papers on semantic related matters and participated to 20+ collaborative research projects either international (Eurostars, H2020, FP7, FP6) or national (Italy and France) ones.