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Iolar is the leading language service provided in the region of South-East Europe. It provides its clients a range of services, from translation of difficult documentation, software localisation of any product or platform, linguistic quality assurance, workflow optimization, project management services and custom software development.

Apart from this, Iolar specialises in translation processes optimization, which include implementation of CAT and/or NMT solutions into such process.

Iolar is ISO 17100 certified which proves Iolar’s dedication to the quality of its services. With its R&D department it is investing in the field of terminology extraction, AI assisted error detection and translator evaluation, machine learning, ...

Iolar was founded in 1998 and today it employs 40 highly-skilled in-house linguists and engineers. Its headquarters are based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and it has subsidiaries in Maribor, Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Graz (Austria).

Iolar and its employees have over 23 years’ experience in the fields of translation, software localisation, court certified translation, quality management and the development of translation tools. That is why Iolar is trusted by the world’s largest software publishers.