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AT-LanguageSolutions was founded in 1999, with a clear focus on helping customers turn language into a strategic asset by means of technology and process. We offer an integrated suite of machine translation, postedition, translation management and translation publishing modules that work together on premise or in the cloud to publish customers’ portals, web applications, mobile applications, documents and videos in multiple languages with next to no customer envolvement at 100% quality.

We help business by facilitating the acquisition of new customers in new segments, by reducing the time to market for new initiatives, by decimating staff overhead related to language, by reducing translation costs thru optimization and reutilization of language assets, and by guaranteeing brand consistency across markets.

AT-LanguageSolutions is unique in the market in the sense that it’s equally competent in linguistics, datacenter technology and translation services and that the technology is designed for end customers instead of for language service providers.

The impact of our technology and services in customers’ business:

New customers.
Faster time to market.
Staff performance.
Corporate branding.

It doesn’t only sound great, but it most certainly is!

Please, feel free to ask us further information at info@at-languageSolutions.com