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Nomao is a Local Search Engine helping people to find places based on what they like and based on their social network. Nomao is available as website and as mobile application (iPhone and Android).


  • Uses geolocation. Nomao pinpoints the user's search results on a map, such as "Restaurant, Champs Elysées, Paris", "Dentist, Marseilles", "Hotel, New York".
  • Takes into account the recommendations of Internet users: Nomao provides access to all recommendations posted on the Internet and ranks the results of user searches according to their popularity.
  • Takes into account user preferences. By clicking "I like this", the user can favorite an address. When the user performs a search, Nomao lists Internet user recommendations in order of priority according to these preferences. 
  • Takes into account the preferences of the user's friends. Is this user registered on Facebook? The user need only connect to Nomao using his Facebook login to see his friends’ recommendations.

Nomao is a search engine based on enhanced reality. Nomao is a useful, free and everyday life application and website that offers a high quality service to citizens.

Thanks to its search engine technologies Nomao aggregates and summarizes all the local information to help chains and local businesses improve their online reputation in real-time to better serve their customers.