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NRW BANK is the development bank for North Rhine-Westphalia. It essentially orients its equity products on the life cycle of the firms. Thus, the regional NRW.BANK.Seed Fund and the NRW.BANK.Kreativwirtschaftsfonds invigorate the early-phase funding in North Rhine Westphalia. Young high-tech firms are supported by funding of up to € 8 million via the NRW.BANK.Venture Fund. For businesses with above-average growth prospects and a convincing management team NRW.BANK provides contacts to potential private investors within the win NRW.BANK Business Angels Initiative. In addition, the NRW.BANK.Mittelstandsfonds and the NRW.BANK.Spezialfonds provide equity in the amount of € 1 to 7 million to growth intensive mid-cap companies in special funding and restructuring situations.