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Country of registration: 
Czech Republic

Phonexia is a technological company and its goal is to help clients to extract maximum valuable information from speech recordings. These speech recordings are created, processed and analyzed every day with help of our technologies and products. Since 2006 we have been providing hi-tech innovative speech technologies especially for contact centers, government agencies from security/defense, media archives and banking industry.

Phonexia´s goal is to automatically extract all this information from speech using very innovative speech technologies, make the information accessible and bring our clients the best possible benefit from it.


  • Call-Centers
    To control effectively the work of agents and analyze the results of marketing campaigns.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
    Voice Biometry solutions bring additional security for certain levels of confidential information.
  • Security and Defense Agencies
    Manage increasing volumes of communication, save time of operators, find a needle in a haystack.
  • Multimedia Archives
    Phonexia speech technologies make video and audio searchable by metadata mining and indexing.