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Country of registration: 
Czech Republic

Established as a spin-off of BUT in 2011. ReplayWell is aiming at audiovisual data processing (SuperLectures.com) and cloud based speech-to-text service (SpokenData.com).

SuperLectures.com is focused on processing of conference and lecture recordings with a high added value (speech fulltext search in speech, slides and other data, SEO optimization, etc.). More than twenty events have been processed so far, including several highprofile IEEE conferences.

SpokenData.com is a multilingual cloud based speech-to-text service with a unique feature of automatic adaptation of the whole recognizer (acoustic and language) on the user’s data. We offer also a speaker segmentation (diarization), voice activity detection, and text to audio alignment technologies. All is accessible through an API.

SpokenData.com goes far beyond cloud base speech-to-text. It is also a tool for human transcribers. Its user interface allows you to edit automatically generated transcript and manage your own team of transcribers.