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SemVox uses the latest AI technologies to create novel types of assistance systems and innovative voice and gesture control solutions.
SemVox was founded as a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in 2008 and has since been dedicated to making information come alive by developing intuitive, efficient and intelligent control options. Whether speech input, gesture or touchscreen control, or even a combination of several input modes – SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose. Human-machine interaction has never been easier! The basis of this intelligent technology is ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform). SemVox solutions are employed in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, smart home, home entertainment, mobile solutions, industry 4.0 and medical technology. ODP S3 enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures. With >100 person years of experience, SemVox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovation.