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The Translation Gate is the most leading and innovative managed service Translation & Localization provider in the Middle East & African region.

We are the first localization provider in the whole region to be structured according to ITIL framework design and we apply the most advanced management methodologies including Lean Six Sigma techniques and tools for process improvement. TTG fully complies with ISO 9001 Certification StandardsEuropean Translation Standards (EN 15038) & SAE (J2450) Standards.

We have extensive experience in marketing content transcreation and multilingual multimedia localization as well as localization engineering and testing. Among our fields of expertise are Pharma & Clinical Trials, Life Sciences, Law & Patents, E-commerce, Tourism & Hospitality, Software & Games & Website localization and testing. 

For more information about our services and clients, please visit our website: www.thetranslationgate.com.