24 June 2014 to 25 June 2014


1, rue du Marquis
1000 Brussels


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  • LT-Innovate Awards 2014

Paul Rübig, Member of the European Parliament handed out the trophies to the 6 Winners of the LT-Innovate Award 2014 during the Award Ceremony. Dr. Rübig highlighted the importance of Languages and Language Technologies in the multicultural environment of Europe.

Winners of the LT-Innovate Awards 2014

  • Background

With a growth in excess of 10%, year on year, language technology is the latest hot commodity in IT.

It is also a domain in which European researchers and companies have been pioneers for decades.

Today, language technology empowers:

  • the streamlining and optimisation of many complex and time-consuming language-dependent processes throughout industry and society
  • the seamless conversational interaction of humans with devices, from home appliances to cars and from personal digital assistants to robots
  • the language-neutral processing (search, analysis, enrichment, exploitation) of "intelligence" in all formats opening up new avenues to an inclusive knowledge society

The third edition of the LT-Innovate Summit, Europe's yearly convention of the Language Technology industry, highlighted the latest technological breakthroughs, the most advanced solutions for specific needs of industry and society as well as the opportunities these represent for the European economy in terms of growth, employment and wellbeing.

In gathering leading industry executives, their clients, the cream of Europe's researchers and policy makers, the Summit offered unique opportunities for networking and business development.