25 June 2015 to 26 June 2015


Boulevard du Roi Albert II, No. 5 / 2
1210 Brussels

The 4th edition of the LT-Innovate Summit
took place in Brussels on 25 & 26 June 2015

The LT-Innovate Summit is the yearly point of convergence for the Language Technology Industry to network, discuss needs & strategies and explore innovation & business opportunities.



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The programme of the two day event included:


EU Policy Update

Senior policy makers presented the latest EU policy developments (in collaboration with the MLi project);



LTI Award Ceremony

The LT-Innovate Award Ceremony celebrated the Winners of the LT-Innovate Award 2015;



LT CEO Summit

Senior industry representatives launched the LTI Cloud and responded to key customer challenges;



LR Usability Workshop

A workshop addressed the usability of Language Resources (in collaboration with the LT_Observatory project);



Conversational Workshop

A workshop explored the future of Conversational Interaction Technologies (in collaboration with CITIA / ROCKIT);



Networking opportunities

The event facilitated contacts between LT stakeholders, see list of participants.