LT-Observe is a service layer of the LT-Innovate portal.

Currently, it focuses on two main services:

The Public Policy Observatory aims at providing information about public policies and funding sources. It is divided into 4 sub-sections:  EU language policies, National language strategies, EU funding opportunities, and National (or regional) funding opportunities.

The Language Resources Observatory is intended to become a one-stop-shop catalogue of user-friendly language resources (LRs) based on existing repositories and suggesting new ways to make LRs seamlessly available to LT/MT professionals.

In addition, the MT EcoGuide provides practical guidance through the "ecosystem" of Language Technology (LT), Language Resources (LR) and Machine Translation (MT). It has been created in modules for the use of different stakeholders (MT and LT developers, decision makers, end users and the general public).

For those who are not - yet - familiar with Language Technology and its benefits, download our LT in Context brochure.