FFG basis programme for R&I projects; open to all beneficiaries, continuous submission scheme; already funded LT and LT-related projects in the past. At regional level: Vienna Business Agency: Innovative projects for start-ups; all kind of beneficiaries can participate.
National Funding Opportunities in Austria
Regional Funding Opportunities in Austria


Special programme “EFRE Top” for Austrian SMEs and LEs (exception Vienna); for industrial research, max. 50% funding up to 1MEUR; for experimental development, 25-40% funding up to 3 MEUR. Runs until 2020, administered by FFG (Austrian Funding Agency).
ESIF Funding Opportunities in Austria



EUREKA: Yes. SEs, MEs; LEs; Research Organization and Universities only as subcontractors.
Eurostars: Yes. SEs, MEs; LEs; Research Institutes and Universities (only eligible if there is an Austrian SME in the consortium).
Eureka/Eurostar Opportunities in Austria