General Country Information

Languages: Danish is the only official language of Denmark.

Co-official Languages: There are no co-official languages in Denmark. Two regional languages, Faroese (spoken on the self-governing territory of the Faroe Islands) and Greenlandic (spoken in the self-governing territory of Greenland), as well as one minority language, German (spoken in South Jutland to the German border), are recognised. Denmark signed and ratified the European Charter for Regional or Miniority Language Rights.

Language Strategies:

The Danish Language Council (Dansk Sprognævn) is a governmental research institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture established in 1955. The Danish Language Council adopted a four-point plan for a Danish linguistic policy in 2003. The following points were underlined as being central objectives in the Danish linguistic policy:

Danish as a scientific and higher education language;
Correct Danish as a working language in public services;
Education strengthened by Danish at all levels;
Education strengthened by foreign languages.

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