Press release: Launch of LT-Innovate – The Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry (PDF version)

On Friday 27 January 2012, LT-Innovate - The Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry was launched in Brussels.

LT Innovate responds to the need to give voice to the common denominator issues of the emerging landscape of commercial LT players (in translation, speech & analytics) facilitating their interaction with other key stakeholders (researchers, clients, investors and public authorities). It brings an opportunity for smaller European companies to come together as a coherent force to influence the future direction of an industry of high value - and huge potential - for Europe.

While language technology is converging in some of the most innovative products and services available, the LT industry is still fragmented. Evolving from many different disciplines, there are very few bridges to connect innovators in speech, content, and translation – and still fewer to align all these actors with the diverse range of applications for language technology.

By focusing their collective attention on the issues and challenges of commercialising language technology, members of LT-Innovate will reinforce their links, across the LT value-chains, from researchers through to buyers and customers.

The LT-Innovate General Assembly gathered in Brussels last Friday appointed Mr. Jochen Hummel, CEO of EsTeam as Chairman, Ms. Adriane Rinsche, CEO of The Language Technology Centre and Mr. Paul Welham, CEO of Cereproc as Vice-chairpersons.

Full Forum membership is open to all European LT vendors. Associate membership is open to other interested parties.