Press release (PDF version) dated 8 April 2013

LT-Innovate Publishes Landmark Report on the State of the European Language Technology Industry Brussels

8 April 2013 - LT-Innovate, Europe’s speech and language technology forum, unveils an in-depth analysis of the present state and future potential of the European Language Technology market. This report provides projections for the next five years that demonstrate the critical role this industry plays in the development of a single, multilingual, digital marketplace.

LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry, today releases a report on the state of the Language Technology (LT) market, together with projections for the next five years. The future of the industry, says the report, will depend on LT becoming the critical enabling technology for the rapid emergence of Unified Communications, Unified Information Access and a Unified User Experience across the digital marketplace as a whole.

LT-Innovate has been working to promote Language Technology as a key enabling technology for Europe's Digital Single Market. By automating the complex processes involved in managing linguistic content, spoken interaction and language translation, Language Technology can deliver a major boost to competitiveness in the global marketplace. Now that social media, the cloud, mobile and big data are transforming the IT ecosystem, language technology is poised as the missing piece in the great digital puzzle.

The report can be downloaded here