The realisation and implementation of good ideas depend in most cases on financing. Therefore, LT-Observe looked into funding opportunities at national and regional level that can be found, per EU Member State, at our

National Funding Opportunities page

The MT EcoGuide developed FAQs for Funding that will help to get an overview about differences between funding sources, and how one can apply. We recommend 8 steps for a successful project realisation:

1 Be clear about WHAT you want to do
2 Establish WHERE the seat of your legal entity is located
3 Make up your mind about WHO shall perform the project
4 Get INFORMATION on funding programmes
5 Establish good COMMUNICATION with local/regional/national funding agencies
6 IDENTIFICATION of the best suited funding programme
7 ACTION time: Write the proposal
8 MARKETING your success - in terms of receiving funding and promoting results!

More details on the 8 steps and further guidance can be found in

our pdf guide "A Path through the Funding Maze".