General Country Information

Languages: The only official language in Estonia is Estonian.

Co-official Languages: There are no co-official languages in Estonia. Minority languages exist but have no official status (Russian, German and Swedish). Estonia did not sign the European Charter for Regional or Miniority Languages.

Language Strategies: Practical language usage in Estonia is regulated by the Language Act. In 2006, the "National Programme for Estonian Language Technology" (NPELT 2006-2010) was launched. The main objective was to advance the language technology support for the Estonian language to the level that would enable the Estonian language to function successfully in today’s information technology environment.

The Estonian Language Development Plan (2011-2017) is a document which lays down main strategic directions for the development, teaching, researching and protection of Estonian. The development strategy includes language technology; This programme focuses on applications and on making the developed resources and tools publicly available. It includes, amongst others, projects for building language resources and integrated language software and its applications. Furthermore, the Development Plan includes a chapter on CLARIN, as an ESFRI Roadmap infrastructure, and stipulates that Estonian researchers should benefit from the wealth of pan-European language resources and technologies.

Furthermore the Digital Agenda 2020 for Estonia issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications targets at several instance the importance of LT for the Estonian language in the digital era (for example check page, 26 and 34).

Estonian LR Policy Makers (LTO Directory)

A listing of Sloevenian language resources for translators from the EU is available - See more at: