General Country Information

Languages: Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) is the official state language of Lithuania (Art. 14 of the Lithuanian Constitution).

Co-offical Languages: The largest minority languages are Russian and Polish, spoken natively by 8,2% and 5,8% of the population respectively, but they have no official status. Lithuania has not signed the European Charter for Regional or Miniority Rights.

Languages Strategies: The government passed a “Law on Term Bank” on 23 December 2003. The Lithuanian Term Bank was then created by term bank managers-the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language and the Chancellery of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Programme for the Expansion of the Lithuanian Information Society 2011–2019 includes a strategic goal of improving the quality of living for the Lithuanian people and the condition of the corporate environment when it comes to using digital possibilities and to ensure that at least 85% of the Lithuanian population have Internet access by 2019. Part of it concerns the integration of digital products of the Lithuanian language with the Internet to ensure the full-scale functioning of the Lithuanian language in both its written and spoken form across all aspects of the life of the nation.

The Lithuanian government is committed to ensuring the expansion of language technology, as demonstrated by the programmes funded by various governmental institutions and the European Union structural funds, which are aimed at designing, and improving language technology and ipso facto relevant digital language resources. However, due to the small market of users of language technology and tools, fragmented infrastructure of research and studies, the lack of clear priorities and coordination, there is little initiative in private business to build resources. There are several projects in progress in Lithuania aimed at applying the international standards to the older resources (e.g. the Corpus of Modern Lithuanian) or designing new products.

Lithuanian LR Policy Makers (LTO Directory)

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