“All languages have the same dignity” said Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. Language technologies are the enabler for “language-neutral” content across Europe that can be accessed and understood by everybody in their own languages. Multilingualism is part of Europe's culture, it cannot be ignored. BUT:

LT helps overcoming the language barrier, for all Europeans, in order to create a truly multilingual Digital Single Market.
LT-Observe carried out a SWOT analysis to find out where the strengths and weaknesses of LT in Europe are:

Based on this SWOT analysis, LT-Observe elaborated Recommendations for Decision-Makers that are geared at preserving EU's position in LT and help realise the Digital Single Market.

For more insight into LT and what LT can do for the public sector and the public at large, have a look at "LT in Context".