Market Observatory

LT-Observe provides ongoing coverage of the language technology markets and policy issues through three news channels:


LangTech News provides links to language technology news worldwide; CITIA News covers conversational interaction technologies; LangPol News gives insights into European language or language-related policies.



Market study on LT opportunities in the Cono Sur of Latin America

In June 2014, LT-Innovate released a study carried out by USUARIA on LT opportunities in three key markets of the 'Cono Sur' of Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

LT2013 - Status and Potential of the European Language Technology Markets

In March 2013, LT-Innovate published LT2013, a landmark report on the state of the European language technology industry: Download your free copy of the LT2013 Report

The key findings of the LT2013 Report are summarised in an infographic.