General Country Information

Languages: The official national language of The Netherlands is Dutch. The Dutch language will be enshrined in the constitution as article 23a, and it should have come into force in 2015.

Co-offical Languages: There is one co-official language in the Netherlands: Frisian which  is spoken in the province of Friesland. In the Dutch overseas territories, English is aso an official language, as is Papiamento in the municipality of Bonaire.

Languages Strategies: In 2004 a consortium of ministries and organizations in the Netherlands and Flanders launched the comprehensive Dutch-Flemish HLT programme STEVIN (a Dutch acronym for “Essential Speech and Language Technology Resources”). To guarantee its Dutch-Flemish character, this large-scale programme was carried out under the auspices of the intergovernmental Dutch Language Union (NTU). A structure was set up for the management, maintenance and distribution of HLT resources. Unfortunately, the STEVIN programme was not continued and it is not foreseen in the near future to engage in a similar strategy.

The Dutch Language Union is responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the Dutch language. It is governed by the Dutch and the Flemish Ministers of Education. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (abbreviated OCW) is responsible for language issues related to culture and education and for language related research and research infrastructures. Language research programmes with the objective to strengthen the private sector (such as the STEVIN programme) are normally expected to be  jointly funded by the ministries of research and economic affairs. Since February 2012 The Netherlands is the host of CLARIN ERIC, which is the governing and coordination body of CLARIN. CLARIN provides language and data resources and services to the Humanities and Social Sciences Research community in Europe. It is one of the infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap. Since the beginning of 2015 the Dutch contributions to CLARIN and its sister infrastructure DARIAH are combined in the CLARIAH project. 

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