General Country information

Languages: Romanian is the official language established by the Constitution Article 13.

Co-official languages: The Romanian Constitution does not provide a definition of “minority”, it does, however recognize the existence of persons belonging to national minorities and guarantees them the right to preserve, develop and express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity. Main minority languages in Romania are: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Slovak, Romani, Ukrainian, and German. In 2007 Romania adopted Law no 282 in order to ratify the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, which was signed in 1992.

Languages Strategies: The major public authority in the field of language policies is the central government. One of the main issues regarding language in Romania is the protection of the languages of the 20 minority ethnic groups.

The strong position of English in science and technology may be a cause for concern and the need for terminology work in the Romanian language in the field of science and technology is expressed in the Romania's development strategy for the next 20 years (2016-2035). The Strategy was published by the Romanian Academy in 2015. The Strategy covers key areas of the Romanian society and draws guidelines for the development of its future. The Strategy considers language resources and language technology of importance for the development in the field of artificial intelligence (machine learning, information retrieval and analysis of big data) in the scope of the key area information security (cyber security, intellectual property).

Relevant Organisations:
The Romanian Academy issued the above mnetioned development strategy for the next 20 years. The Institutul de Lingvistică „Iorgu Iordan - Al. Rosetti" al Academiei Române is part of the Academy, as is the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence “Mihai Draganescu” (RACAI).
: Has been involved in a number of national projects and international projects (EU-funded projects).

The current priority project within the Romanian Academy is the creation of a reference electronic corpus of contemporary Romanian language (CoRoLa), i.e. a collection of (written and spoken) texts, annotated with metadata and with linguistic data. RACAI, together with the Institute of Computer Science have been collaborating on this project with a number of partners.