Language - The New Frontier for Business & Government

Tuesday 17 May 2016




Philippe Wacker, LT-Innovate

Video Message
Paul Rübig, Member of the European Parliament


Infrastructures for Multilingual Europe
Jochen Hummel, CEO, Coreon, The LTI Cloud
Steve Renals, University of Edinburgh, Towards an Interaction Baselayer
Andrew Joscelyne, LT-Innovate, The Language Resources Observatory


Coffee Break


LT CEO Summit: Language - The New Frontier for Business and Government
Panel discussion moderated by Florian Faes, Slator
David Canek, Memsource - Jochem Hummel, Coreon/LT-Innovate - Charles Huot, Expert System - Christoph Prinz, Sail Labs - Christopher Pyne, SAP - Marco Trombetti, Translated


Customers Challenge the Industry: Dynamic Knowledge Stores and Machine Translation
Challenger: Pascal Coupet, Director of Smart Content, Research - Elsevier
Respondents: François Brown de Colstoun, Lingua et Machina - Filip De Geyter, Actonomy


Walking Lunch


Solution Showcase: The Rebirth of Artificial Intelligence and How it Affects Language Technology

The rebirth of Artificial Intelligence and how it affects Machine Translation - See more at:
The rebirth of Artificial Intelligence and how it affects Machine Translation - See more at:

Luc Meertens & Bram Vandewalle, CrossLang; Dominique Deckmyn, De Standaard; Kris Demuynck, Ghent University & iMinds–MultimediaLab


Solutions Showcase: Combining Language Technologies with Structured Content Processes for Medical Devices
Frits Jacobs, Philips Medical & Ambra Neri, SDL


Coffee Break


Technology Spotlights & Project Results
Gudrun Magnusdottir, Coreon, The Way to Cross-border Interoperability
Jose C. Gonzalez, s|ngular, Automatic Extraction of Rich Customer Profiles from their Activity in Social Networks
Martin Kaltenböck, Semantic Web Company, PoolParty Semantic Suite - Unlock the Meaning of your Data
Francesco Danza, Expert System, From sentiment to emotional analytics: tools and case studies from the Mixedemotions project
Marco Trombetti, MateCat, Instant Quote Tech for Translation Companies
Marek Mazur, KantanMT - Improving the Machine Translation Review Process with Translation Automation
Rihards Kalniņš, Tilde, Enabling Multilingual Communication for the EU Presidency
Stefano Aversa, Lionbridge, Testing Language: best practices for testing multilingual voice and graphical user interfaces
Ian Cowley, Forvo, Pronouncing all the Words in the World with Forvo
George Giannakopoulos, SciFY & NCSR Demokritos, Summarization Across Languages, Media Types and Domains
Vincent Vandeghinste, University of Leuven, The SCATE Project: Envisaged Results

The SCATE Project: Envisaged Results

LT-Innovate Award Ceremony

Expert System & AYLIEN

Drinks and Networking

Wednesday 18 May 2016




Dialogue Day

Opening Keynote
Karl-Heinz Lambertz
President of the Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium
Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions


Language Policies and Funding Sources in Europe
Panel chaired by Margaretha Mazura
David Pérez Fernández, Cabinet of the Spanish Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society
Kimmo Rossi, European Commission, DG CONNECT - Gareth Morlais, Welsh Government - Llywodraeth Cymru – Matthias Weichhart, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) - Peter Spyns, Flemish Government, Department of Economy, Science & Innovation - Peter Pharow, Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT


Coffee Break


Solution Showcase: Putting Customer Satisfaction First Thanks to Semantics (Cases in Publishing and Banking)
Olivier Delteil, Les Echos, Charles Huot & Claudio Palmolungo, Expert System

Language Infrastructures and Language Resources:
Pulling the Pieces of the Jigsaw Together

Language Resources
Andrew Joscelyne, LT-Innovate: Making Language Resources Operationally Usable - the Challenge
Bart Wloka, University of Vienna: Improving the Usability of Existing LRs and Speeding up the Creation of New LRs
Matthias Heyn, SDL: In-domain LRs  – a Survey of Industry Needs
Gareth Morlais, Welsh Goverrnment - Llywodraeth Cymru: The Case for Generating LRs for Less-used Languages


Solution Showcase: What Text Analytics can do for Data Processing in Market Research Institutes
Evert Rutgers, TNS Sofres; François-Régis Chaumartin, Proxem


Walking Lunch


Solution Showcase: CrossLingual Media: Blending Language Technologies and Human Post-editing to Boost Content Exchanges & Grow the European Media and Translation Industries
Christophe Leclercq & David Mekkaoui, EurActiv;  Rihards Kalniņš, Tilde; Andrzej Zydron, XTM

Multilingual Data Experimentation
Steve Renals, University of Edinburgh
Sebastien Marcel, IDIAP
Tanja Schultz, University of Bremen, XLingual
Khalid Choukri, ELDA/ELRA
Matt Simpson, Ericsson
Ariane Nabeth-Halber, Vecsys


Technology Challenges
Matthew Lowry, Fresh Integral Communications, Hashtag Platform: Machine-assisted Multilingual Curation [more]
Ruben Riestra, Inmark, Opportunities for LT in EU Cross-border e-Commerce


Coffee Break


Technology Spotlights & Project Results
Gema Ramirez Sanchez, Prompsit, AltLang, an Automatic Language Variety Converter for English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
Robert Etches, TextMinded, Building a Utility Platform for Multilingual Communication
Gard Jenset, Artificial Solutions, Data Mining Conversations – Hot Air or a Scoop for Business?
Christoph Prinz, Sail Labs, Automatic Speech Recognition Research Progress Hits the Road
Dominik Radziszowski, XTRF Management Systems, Changing Integration Paradigm with XTRF Smart Connectors
Monika Lucza, easyling, Automated Human Translation – the Best of Both Worlds
James Anderson, Linguali SAS, Facilitating Simultaneous Interpreting

Automated Translation Infrastructure
Andrejs Vasiljevs, Tilde: CEF.AT – State of Play
Davide Caroselli, ModernMT: Context-aware Machine Translation

European Interoperability Assets Infrastructure
Jochen Hummel, Coreon
Vassilios Peristeras, European Commission - DG DIGIT
Peter Schmitz, Publications Office of the European Union (EUROVOC)

LTI Cloud
Luc Meertens & Joachim Van den Bogaert, Crosslang: The LTI Cloud - Next Steps


End of Programme