LT-Innovate is the Language Technology Industry Association. Language Technologies are pervasive and, by nature, key enabling technologies in a multilingual world. They cover:

LT-Innovate's objectives are:

  • to strengthen the Language Technology Industry for increased competitiveness in the global markets;
  • to promote language technologies as drivers of economic success, societal well-being and cultural integrity;
  • to encourage collaboration within the Industry and with other stakeholders of the Language Technology value-chains;
  • to articulate the Industry's collective interests vis-à-vis buyers, researchers, investors and policy makers.

LT-Innovate (the "Association") is operated by LT-Innovate Ltd. a company limited by guarantee (not-for-profit) registered in England and Wales under the No. 8264944. The Founding Members of LT-Innovate Ltd. are listed here. Any paying Regular Member of the Association may apply at any time to become a Member of LT-Innovate Ltd.

Membership categories are:

  • Premium Member (with full decision making power in LT-Innovate Ltd.) (€1000 p.a.)
  • Regular Member (€450 p.a.)
  • Associate Member (free)

Associate membership is acquired by registering here. To become a regular or premium member, please contact us.

For more detials see Membership Benefits.

Membership in LT-Innovate is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in language technology. However, only organisations supplying and/or integrating language technology products are eligible to join as Premium Members.

The governing Charter of LT-Innovate is available here. Current members of the LT'Innovate Board of Directors are listed here.