• Content (text, speech) translation and localisation
  • AI-driven multilingual content management and personalized content delivery
  • Multilingual data mining, analytics and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Human-machine interaction, intelligent virtual assistants, chatbots and robots


Language Intelligence for an enhanced service-oriented customer experience

  • Connected: service oriented - software driven - continuous updates - smart interaction
  • Assisted: from digital co-driver to infotainment manager - provide drivers with contextual and personalised information
  • Autonomous: vehicles that can safely drive themselves and interact with human co-drivers and passengers on board

Language Intelligence to streamline and empower business processes

  • Gain market and customer insights through data mining / big data analytics
  • Sales support: guide customers in choosing the appropriate vehicle or mobility service for their needs and budget
  • Smart, interactive product documentation in all languages as asset to drive customer loyalty and sales
  • Smart manufacturing: enable robots to work effectively and safely alongside humans on factory floors and assembly lines

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