The LTI Cloud a the one-stop-shop platform for making available, discovering, assembling, testing and prototyping language technology components.

Language Technology (LT) makes the world intelligent, multilingual and interactive. The LTI Cloud makes language technology accessible, simple and easy to implement.

The LTI Cloud is currently available as a pilot platform. If you are interested in becoming involved in its test phase, please contact us.

What does the LTI Cloud offer?

You are an LT CONSUMER (a buyer, integrator, prototyper)

  •     Verify what LT components are available
  •     Understand the details of an LT component
  •     Stay Up-to-Date with an LT component
  •     Kick-off prototyping with a selected LT component
  •     Easily build minimal viable products
  •     Get an overview of your LT component consumption

You are an LT PROVIDER (a vendor, developer, marketer)

  •     Promote and distribute your LT components through an industry-sponsored platform
  •     Understand who is interested in your LT components
  •     Understand how actual and potential clients use your LT components
  •     Verify readiness of your versioned LT components
  •     Easily plug ‘n play your LT components with other components and assemble them into composite products


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