John Rauscher, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor in collaborative AI projects, reviews dozens of use cases and provides guidance on how to successfully deploy AI to "augment humans" in his recent industry bestseller The Rise of the Cobot.

In this exclusive LT-Innovate value cast, John will present his positive and pragmatic view of AI, providing numerous supporting examples based on a decade of experience in the US, Europe and around the world.

Pierre Gaubil, General Partner at The Refiners, a San Francisco-based Seed Fund Program devoted to helping world-class entrepreneurs thrive in Silicon Valley will home in on how he is planning to use cobots to provide an automated fundraising framework for startups.

Ariane Nabeth-Halber, Director of the Speech Product Line at French provider of safe and smart IT Solutions Bertin-IT (CNIM Group), and Jochen Hummel, CEO of German multilingual knowledge systems startup Coreon, will contribute their insights while challenging John and Pierre.

John Rauscher brings it to the point: in the services sector (80% of GDP in the US, 73% in the EU!), the "magnitude of the revolution based on collaborative AI may prove as great as the revolution ushered in by the printing press".

Do not miss this hour of intense brainstorming if you are involved in developing strategies and exploring opportunities for a new generation of services driven by AI.