A growing number of global or globalizing organisations consider the implementation of a machine translation (MT) programme and solution as a must have. While technical discussions are obviously part of the journey the value that MT should create and add must be highlighted, explained and sold to internal stakeholders who are in various functions and roles. This Value Cast focused on how to ensure that these stakeholders buy in and understand how MT will be more than just a(nother) tool. The discussed topics included:

  • Challenges and successes to describe and explain MT generated value to technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Value-based approach of MT selection and implementation for the business
  • Data-driven implementation of MT within organizations of all sizes and in various industries
  • Debunked myths on MT efficiency and effectiveness

Bruno Herrmann, member of the Board of Advisors @ LT-Innovate, moderated the discussion with:

Anna Golubeva, Multilanguage Communication and Localisation Specialist @ Inter IKEA Group

Mirko Plitt, Multilingualism Lead (WHO Academy) @ the World Health Organization

Iti Sahai, Senior Localisation & Globalisation Specialist

Konstantin Savenkov, co-Founder and CEO @ Inten.to