Semantics and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs add unique benefits for content, especially within organizations utilizing structured content. Whether content is for detailed product documentation, polished marketing materials, or accurate, insightful employee enablement, all audiences gain by quickly finding what they want.

While improving findability is key, providing accurate information recommendations dramatically increases relevancy with minimal use of personal data. From pages to personal assistants, reuse metrics to insights, content that connects to core semantics—the real-world ideas and objects it refers to—becomes truly intelligent.

“Intelligent content is content that’s structurally rich and semantically categorized and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable”, stated Ann Rockley already in 2014. This is now becoming reality!

In this value cast you will gain insights about the benefits of Knowledge Graphs in the corporate environment, learn about how they empower intelligent content solutions and discover real world use cases from automotive and manufacturing.

Matthias Heyn, Vice President Global Solutions @ RWS and Martin Kaltenböck, CFO & Managing Partner @ Semantic Web Company moderated the discussion with:

Andreas Blumauer, CEO & Managing Partner @ SemanticWeb Company

Joe Pairman, Director of Product Management @ RWS

André Schlotz, Vice President Global Automotive & Manufacturing Solutions @ RWS