Managing and delivering effective content internationally implies ensuring linguistic, cultural and functional effectiveness required by local markets and customers. During this Value Cast you will find out what you should leverage to reach your content effectiveness goals and how you can turn a localization supply chain into a customer experience value chain to grow your business. Globalization leaders and practitioners will share their best practices, challenges and lessons learned to optimize their multilingual content management and make it more cost and time effective. You will also be able to take away some suggestions based on use cases to focus on created value such as time-to-market, customer acquisition, resource performance or impactful branding.

Bruno Herrmann, member of the Board of Advisors @ LT-Innovate, moderated the discussion with:

Rikkert Engels, CEO and Founder, Xillio LocHub

Maiju Nurminen, Localisation Manager & Strategist, What3words

Hartmut von Berg, Senior Director of Global Localization Services, Logmein