Since 2012, the LT-Innovate Award distinguishes "The Best in Language Intelligence".

The Award Ceremony for the LT-Innovate Award 2022 took place on 15 September 2022, at the occasion of the Language Intelligence @ Work Summit 2022.

The winners were:

  • Best Customer-centered Presentation: Chantal Moucouveia & Kerstin Berns for ‘(Machine) Translation with a Vision: Shaping a Translation Ecosystem in a Biotech Company‘
  • Best Maturing Technology Presentation: Erik De Vrieze, Raniero Romagnoli, Vincenzo Sciacca, Klaus Fleischmann & Josef Kubovsky for ‘Towards One-stop-shop Language Intelligence Partner Spheres in the Cloud‘
  • Best Visionary Presentation: Britta Aagaard, Jochen Hummel, Vasco Pedro & Bruno Herrmann for 'LangOps'

Winners are entitled to use the label of the LT-Innovate Award on their commercial collateral and products.

Past Winners include: Almawave, Aylien, Expert System, Inbenta, Interprefy, K Dictionaries, Limecraft, Memsource, Mirsk, Oxford University Press, SAIL Labs, Semantix, Summa Linguae, SYSTRAN, Textkernel, Unbabel, Wordbee, XTM International