Since 2012, the LT-Innovate Award distinguishes "The Best in Language Intelligence".

The Award Ceremony for the LT-Innovate Award 2019 took place on 25 June 2019, at the occasion of the Language Technology Industry Summit 2019.

The winners were designated by a Jury and the LTI Board of Directors on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding innovation & technological excellence
  • Best international expansion success story
  • Best spin-off, start-up potential
  • Best scale-up success story
  • Best use case / client enabler story
  • Most promising (applied) research output

We are happy to announce that the Winners of the LT-Innovate Award 2019 are:

Bakamo Social
ENGIE Digital

K Dictionaries
Oxford University Press
Pitney Bowes & Lingoport
Semantix & Memsource
Summa Linguae

Winners are entitled to use the label of the LT-Innovate Award on their commercial collateral and products.

Past Winners include: Aylien, Expert System, Inbenta, Interprefy, Mirsk, SAIL Labs, SYSTRAN, Textkernel, Wordbee, XTM International